About Us

Parinay Sootr – A union of two souls from completely different cultures, castes, and experiences, forming a bond to announce their love in holy matrimony under the recognition of Parinay Sootr.

In India, the wedding is not between two people but two families, and we try our best to fulfill the desires of both. We have framed our services based on culture and traditions. Our services are matchmaking, couple therapy, proposal planning, wedding planning.

Parinay Sootr enhances the essence of culture and traditions while we give a key to your new life!

Our Vision

Parinay Sootr is Vocal for Local and believes in Make in India. We are strictly against child labor. Instead of wasting extra food, our team shares it with people in need, so that you get married with no regrets. Team PS is a nature lover and believes in eco-friendly and recyclable products. Parinay Sootr prefers supporting NGOs so that we flourish together; we use their handmade products in giftings and decorations.


Proposal Planning (Our USP)

Women from generations wanted a grand or intimate proposal, something which finally pushes them to say “YES!”. But why women can’t be on their knees? Why can’t men say “YES”? What we do is we make sure that your moment is uniquely memorable. The team of Parinay Sootr plans the proposal for you so that you worry about nothing, from the execution to the happy ending, we work with you for you!